Gynnie slinks her way to the "A Wing," the structure that looks uncomfortably like a big stomach, and leads you around the perimeter of another massive chamber.

Mind the floor, dearie! The ward tried to sssheparate itsshelf from the PROBLEM VAULT...but I'm afraid the ressshultant gapssh are jussht letting in a nassshty abysshal draft.

...Here we are!


Jussht deposssit your completed EGGLET through the sssshlot! Our archivisshtsh ssshould handle the ressht!



...And what if I need the, er..."problem vault?"

While you converse, you push the EGGLET through the hole in the door, as instructed. You hear it roll along some sort of chute or tube on the other side, before a "plunk" and a metallic chittering sound. It's probably okay.

You, er...ssshouldn't need that. Problemsh are rare, ash I do believe we jusssht dissshcusshed? If sshomething were to go wrong with a patient, I sshould exshpect you to come sshtraight to my offische.

Anything elssshe you need, I sshuggesht going through the SSHUPPLY ROOM to the right, and if you need to unwind, our complementary EMPLOYEE CAFE ACCESSH ish open 24 jellations per endomolt, 7 endomolts per nanoshpiral!

There'sh alsho...uh.....





...Shorry, I thought thish wing had more fashilities, but maybe I'm jusht...tired.

You...can posshibly handle yoursshelf from here, but I'd be happy to ssshow you around more, or anshwer a few more quesshtionsh...it'sh your call, Frannie.

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