With a few parting words, Miss and the stone guy see you off with your order in what the place apparently calls a "Fun's Meal Bucket."

Somehow, the disgusting pail of decomposing sea creatures has you thinking more about home.

You should be more surprised, more horrified to have learned what a wreck it is...but you find yourself feeling more numb to it than anything else.

Everyone and everything you've ever known is quite possibly gone, but here you are carrying an ugly, plastic bucket of stinky fish out of a fast food restaurant so you can trick a flying dolphin into swallowing poison and get a virtual pet back for your fake boss, who is kind of a giant hand, because maybe doing this thing will bring you closer to understanding what happened to your son.

You quite simple do not have the energy in you to grieve for the entire planet at once, though your own situation is obviously tied in closely to all that business.

You keep thinking about the girl's words, about how things could possibly be "un screwed," and she's right. With all you've seen so far, it sure seems like anything imaginable is possible. You really don't know if everything is gone for good. Isn't time itself meaningless, according to these...whatever-zoners out here?

You really can't do anything but press on like you've been and hope for the best.

...And kill the hell out of a damn nasty porpoise.

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