>Recover Egglet

You carefully approach what was previously a dolphin, hating how completely realistic it is to worry that its scattered, oozing remains will try to kill you anyway...or at least engage in awkward conversation.

Miraculously, nothing bad happens as you gingerly pick the little egg-thing off the oozing heap. A quick press of its center opens a similar little display screen to your previous specimen.

The display glows a pale blue this time. The little figure appears to be rocking back and forth, shivering. Faint bleeping sounds are reminiscent of sickly groaning and the occasional cough.

>Administer Medicine

You press the beady, black eyeball on the right until the medicine icon is highlighted. The egglet blinks hard a few times, and you wonder if it hurts. You try to be extremely gentle as you press the other eye to make your selection.

The little thing stops "coughing" and stands upright...shuddering slightly as it stares you in the eyes.


You try feeding the tiny being. It stops flashing, staring and jittering, but...


Willis? What do you make of this?


Uhhhh...kinda scary.

But you thing's babies are sorta freaky already!


I'm pretty sure this isn't a human baby, Willis.


Hermam, blumpotch, swuggle, whatever! Alla you thingies with alla the different guts at once are weird!!!

She seems like she's happy but...maybe too happy? Scary-happy?


GREBBhekleppep!!! Eeeyekk!!

The eye thing is WOBBLING frantically, as though excited.

>Play?? Bath!?!...More Medicine??! The Cupcake?! IS THERE A RESET BUTTON????

The flood of suggestions and thoughts, yours and otherwise, pushes you to momentary panic. There is no reset button. Nothing in your inventory seems to get a reaction. Every button you press seems to make the little creature look worse and worse...

>...What About the Bunny??

Bunny? What b...

CRAP. That bunny. You totally should have grabbed it! Can you get back to it fast enough!?

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