800th Page Fan Art Gallery

I did it again! I managed to only update 100 times in about a year; much less than our first couple of years and much less than I'm happy. Maybe I should concede that this might just be the pace I'm more comfortable with, and that readers don't seem to be in any particular rush for the comic to end any time soon, but nine months into it, we actually haven't begun what I planned as the "main quest" or "full swing" of the Maternity Ward chapter, and I feel pretty bad about that. On the plus side, a part of that delay was the spontaneous decision to put us in control of Eyeslob again, which people seem to have enjoyed, and we're about to get back to Fern and get the ball rolling on that "main quest" in less than a week's worth of new pages!

Hi by the way to the apparently large number of people who came here via Gooseworx. I'm really sorry that if you're reading this, it means you may have finished an archive binge, which means you have to go straight from marathoning a giant chunk of content to a slow drip of updates, and I HATE THAT!!! It's not the same! When I read a webcomic's whole archive in one go it feels like such an experience, and then when I read it only bit by bit, week after week, it loses some 70% of the excitement and emotional impact, even if it is a superb webcomic.

On another note, I try to keep my plugging of the Patreon to a minimum because I realize everybody isn't made of money, and I'm lucky enough that it's currently paying our entire rent, but we do have other expenses and no "day jobs," so every little extra bit helps. I also have an etsy store where you can get enamel pins and things that I've designed, and if you still can't afford any of that stuff, simply browsing this website without adblock really works! Every time you so much as scroll past the google ads, we get a couple cents, and all of you together have been generating an average of $2 a day that way! That's not bad at all! That pays for this website and fuels our car all month!

And finally, before we get to all the fan art, you might get a real kick out of Subject 0mega's fandub of Jay's first few layers under our control. Especially the voice we get for Crash, but massive props to all three voice actors!

With that, here's around 100 pieces of fan art. How do you guys keep managing to make an amount of fan art SO close to the actual amount of updates???



IF YOUR NAME JUST SAYS "ARTIST HERE": Sorry, this is because your full name is long enough that it would break the layout! You can let me know if there's a shortening you prefer!

NSFW ART: I can't post it, but I still collect it and treasure it with all the other fan stuff. When I'm feeling down I can open a folder right now and see a picture of a moldy hamburger with a schlonger and say to myself "I caused this to happen." That's a pretty special feeling!

MESSED UP LINKS: I feverishly assemble this by hand from fan-art I've saved over the course of months, so there are gonna be MISTAAAAAAKES. Some people even change their names and then their blogs don't work! Silly!!! Please let me know if something needs changing or fixing!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: IT'S ACCIDENTAL! I try to include EVERY SINGLE WORKSAFE FAN ART I KNOW ABOUT. If I missed yours, just message me and I'll add it in or I'll save it for the next gallery! You can also let me know anything else you want changed, any time!





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