Apparently by their sense of "smell" and "faz," respectively, Willis and Magdolene easily guide you back to the maze's surgical ward entrance. You could probably have also taken Lacey, but then you'd have to deal with the bobby again.


Welp, this is far as I can go fer now, but with this here maze expandin' like it's been, I'm sure we'll be catchin' up some before we sort alla this out. See what you can do to restore hospital functions on your side and maybe even get me computer access while yer at it, and I'll keep diggin 'fer intel on my end.


Thank you, so much. It really means a lot to have another friend here, Mag.

...I can call you Mag, right?


Aw, shucks, you can call me anytime!

I mean, *cough*...y'all take care'a yerselves out there, y'hear? You find that boy'a yers!

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