900th Page Fan Art Gallery

Where did the time go!? I've now been doing Awful Hospital for virtually my entire 30's thus far, and I'm going to be 36 this coming Halloween. That's like being almost forty. Shouldn't I be writing comics about things like relationships and business meetings by now?! I can't believe this turned into a series with 900 pages and counting, but for once - FOR ONCE!!! - I'm actually almost satisfied with how far along we are in the story compared to how far along we were by the 800th page milestone. I was getting so concerned about the comic's pacing, there were times I considered cutting out Dr. Fleagood entirely, but he turned out to be an instant hit, and I think everyone who likes him is going to like him even more when all's said and done.

I've also recently changed the rewards and goals on my patreon a bit; not many people were using the $5 tier for the Q&A feature, so instead, it gives you access to extra-high-resolution artwork with detailed design and concept notes!


IF YOUR NAME JUST SAYS "ARTIST HERE": Sorry, this is because your full name is long enough that it would break the layout! You can let me know if there's a shortening you prefer!

NSFW ART: I can't post it, but I still collect it and treasure it with all the other fan stuff. When I'm feeling down I can open a folder right now and see a picture of a moldy hamburger with a schlonger and say to myself "I caused this to happen." That's a pretty special feeling!

MESSED UP LINKS: I feverishly assemble this by hand from fan-art I've saved over the course of months, so there are gonna be MISTAAAAAAKES. Some people even change their names and then their blogs don't work! Silly!!! Please let me know if something needs changing or fixing!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: IT'S ACCIDENTAL! I try to include EVERY SINGLE WORKSAFE FAN ART I KNOW ABOUT. If I missed yours, just message me and I'll add it in or I'll save it for the next gallery! You can also let me know anything else you want changed, any time!


a monkey denied
his business




Let's also have a special shout-out to whoever drew this for a real burger restaurant's Halloween 2018 menu. The photographer didn't remember the restaurant's name, but oddly enough, it's located in the same part of Florida where I used to live. That's a pretty weird coincidence, considering I've already ruled out anyone I ever personally knew from the area, and I can only conclude that someone simply happened to stumble across an early drawing of Harmburger in a search of "zombie burger" references...

And finally, another special shout-out, this time to Moisés Acevedo for possibly one of the most intensive pieces of fan-art ever yet submitted! It's all your favorites!!!

And thank you everybody!

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