You head back to the cafeteria and through the destroyed wall, finding yourself in the plank maze again.

You feel yourself regenerate a little.

SLOBFERN (Translated from Slobese)

Weird. I can remember where I've been, but some of it is still a little different. Patches of that slob world stuff you were talking about. I don't suppose you two have mapped out any more of this place, have you?


Unfortunately, it wouldn't matter. The maze we've encountered ourselves is vast and ever-changing. What we're now experiencing would represent whatever miniscule sliver of it makes the most sense to your grey-zone core. The upside, of course, is that this incarnation of it is much more condensed and much safer than it would be to an entity cursed with broader comprehension.

SLOBFERN (Translated from Slobese)

That seems like a nice way of saying I get the baby version for dummies.


She said "grey-zone core!"

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