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I've no doubt you're THOROUGHLY educated in the function of our finery, but do correct me if my humble knowledge falls short of your own superior experience!


Previously housing a succulent sludge greyfolk feast upon through long, flexible feed hoses, the husk itself is quite valuable for its ability to transmit odors between zonal spongewalls, provided the recipient possesses a husk of their own!


Removed from their cylindrical hive, these static crustules are traditionally ground into a paste used by greyfolk to thicken and shape their cranial villi. Little do they know, agitation of the occupied nest elicits a rustling song from the swarm that can repel wandering cones from vulnerable exospheres!


This is a relic of the greyzonian "political party:" a savage practice in which their microscopic larvae are forced to divide themselves into opposing groups. Battle is initiated by the traditional dropping of the glormdorb, which shatters into innumerable tiny blades for the ensuing war! It is for this reason that the glormdorb is such a rare and prized dessert in the vantawhite through exyellow antizones!


Sculpted from authentic greyzone creatureflesh, this crude representation of their worshipped KARMAT DEFRAG produces his signature pheromone when sufficiently dampened, perfect for luring tasty greyfolk from their slumberholes! Ground into a powder, the effigy in its dry state is prized as a topical treatment for such embarrassing azonal conditions as Phantasmagoric Scablather and Spurting Knotwattle!


Placing this membrane between two grey zoners is known to prevent the generation of their hideous, hideous progeny! When the generation of progeny is somehow desired, a third party simply pulls the tail of the device from a safe distance, preferably behind a splash guard. In more civilized zones, the membrane is ideal for plugging the powder slot of an orbwinder before it can contemplate chartreuse, and we ALL know what we mean! We're all adults, here!


Innovated by one particularly intelligent grey-zoner, this modified stekk can reach deeply into crevices to retrieve even the most stubborn of quaymonsters, which they feed to siliceous "bubble heads" in exchange for more glum! Inserted similarly down the gel hose of an unsprouted ectovibe, it can pull the system inside-out and purge it of gelsquibblers!


This mechanism is employed by greyfolk to widen their various orifices for the removal of "kid knees," a bodily polyp that allows the creatures to exchange a significant sum of unwanted layers. The spundler will typically demand a few spare pieces of kid knee for its own mysterious purposes, but regardless, the vibrations produced through collission of its many appendages can be used to navigate perceptual loops without the jellification of skeletal mass!


You will note that this device bears a wide mouth on one surface and a single, imperceptible pore on the opposite. It is only by this filtration unit that greyfolk can process broader concepts into streams more manageable to the equally tiny thought-polyps adrift in the cavernous recesses of their headknobs. Try it on a red-shifted understalker, however, and you'll see just how "improvisational" their red-shifting really is! Hilarious, but you never know when you might need it!


Notice the roughly similar shape of the zubbablewff to a greyzoner's manipulatory branches; by carrying this facsimile in one of their foul rump-pouches, the beast is never far from a quick visual reference of which end their branches should face when attempting to manipulate an object. Naturally, this makes it quite a bit of fun to flip a greyzoner's zubbablewff upside-down when their minute consciousness is distracted. There is no other purpose to the device, but it is an interesting souvenir, and a reminder to appreciate the good fortune of our comparatively vast intellects!

SLOBFERN (Translated from Slobese)

...Did you guys get anything useful from that? I've started zoning out for these spiels.


FERN! "Zoning out" is how you get gelcrabbits!! You're better than that!

SLOBFERN (Translated from Slobese)

I don't think that means the same thing to us.

I think a couple of these things might be handy, but I have no idea what he wants for them.


Hey, buddy, what about your prices?


PRICES!? Oh dear, don't take me for some Hospital ruffian! You should know us Dumpfolk abide only by the laws of trade!

I trust you possess treasures of equivalently tantalizing explanation, yes?!

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