SAMPLE #: H00568

THREAT CATEGORY: Doubleplus UnWaffle

Sample H00568 appears to be approximately five gallons of congealed blood, tissues, teeth, bone fragments, hair, adhesive bandages and precisely 175 empty medical issue syringes contained in a polyethylene waste disposal bag. Locomotive and vocal mechanisms are unknown. Sample is extremely aggressive towards moving objects, persistently attempting to scratch or puncture containment operatives with its protruding needles. Microanalysis finds needles contaminated with over 367 undocumented strains of bacteria, 1,842 unidentified viral contaminants, 89 fungal, 212 protozoan, 1 helminthes and 68 unknown inorganic chemical compounds. When sufficiently agitated, the sample will rupture itself by unknown means, scattering its constituents at high velocity within a radius of 2.7 meters.

Any physical damage sustained by H00568, including detonation, is reversed over the course of 72 hours unless components are held separately from one another, whereupon each sample will reconstitute a duplicate H00568 of proportionate mass.

H00568 has made no attempts to communicate with operatives, but has been observed smearing fluids on available surfaces in seemingly significant patterns. A selection of these images have been digitally recreated: