SAMPLE #: S/XB/055


Sample S/XB/055 is an autoperpetuatory bioform approximately 2.9 meters in height, having doubled in volume over the course of ██ days in containment. The specimen does not appear to require sustenance, but will seek to consume any biological materials available to it. Testing demonstrates an attraction to sound, movement, bright colors or flashing lights an an aversion to flame. Physical injuries up to liquification status are recovered within a thirty hour rejuvenation cycle, while heat induced damage is recovered at a more gradual rate. Regenerations are imperfect, and new or modified physiology may arise from repeated damage.

Sample S/XB/055 represents an unusual case in which a foundation operative necessitated reclassification as a specimen sample and the establishment of a new threat category. Following a routine and uneventful investigation, agent █████████ complained of stomach cramping, profuse sweating and increased appetite. █████████ claimed to have purchased lunch and vitamin supplements at a convenience store en route to their home facility, including two ███████ brand snack cakes, an egg salad sandwich prepared and packaged on location and a fountain drink called "flemptch," described by the subject as their "childhood favorite." No matching retail establishment has been found on the route described, nor any known match for any substance called "flemptch." Approximately fifteen hours after onset of symptoms, subject underwent a spontaneous, violent biological reconfiguration into specimen S/XB/055 and attempted to disembowel agents ████ and █████.

On ██/██/████, sample S/XB/055 spontaneously disappeared from containment for precisely six minutes and nine seconds before seemingly stepping out from within the corner of its holding cell. Tranquilization and analysis revealed the subject's stomach to be filled with tissues from an unknown source.