Concept executionator

Flesh-concept Incineroid

Single :c

LAYER 8)///$?#(/Q????

Good news! After an extended negotiation period, we've finally been cleared to open circulation with Z//H00--38949(), colloquially known as The Hospital. I see brilliant potential in a cross-concept symbiosis; both of us deal in matters of the flesh-vessel!

Peace out, trundlehops! (Oo~)

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LAYER )(#()#)0))

They finally sent us something to deal with Chuck, and I have to say, it far exceeded expectations! I'll have to write that Phage fellow, thanking him in meticulous detail for the hard work of his trainee with a thorough activity report and full surveillance recordings, ensuring he knows exactly who to reward! I do hope the sweet little thing enjoys her complimentary autoconceptual foodmatters! Quality intercycling doesn't come cheap!

Peace out, clampswags! (OuO)/

LAYER [[++_W#=]]

An unfortunate snag in operations; Chuck has become UNWELL! (@n@) He tried to process some loud squiggly thing and a 'droodler slipped through the cracks. Ugh! We keep putting in requests with the Hospital but they say we're on a "waiting list." Can you believe that?! What kind of disposable zone do they think this is?! We've got feeds to mouth!

Peace out, lumpwaddles. (ono)

LAYER ()39y393

I'm beginning to worry about )(_)(. Was it a mistake to give perception to a circuit web? Sometimes I'm not sure if it operates under our directive or vice-versa. Sometimes, I think its perception core and our zonal concept core might even be one and the same. It's been opening circuits we never knew we needed...or do we only need them now that they are open? There isn't any precedent for some of these zones, but as long as they either provide or demand flesh anywhere from the conceptual to materialization level, I suppose our duty remains the same!

Peace out, missyclumps! (Ov~)

LAYER [[[[[[#)(3]]]]]]]

On another more positive note, we've at last established an indefinite symbiosis circuit with Z//H00--38949(), thanks in no small part to )(_)('s cross-barrier adaptation. We shall provide sustenance to those of The Hospital who metabolize fleshmatter, and so long as our veils remain stabilized, they may continue to provide a steady source of unique new materials.

Peace out, fishticks! (GuG)


On a lighter note, while their head-matters have served us well and the subsequent product likely to see bulk sales throughout the foreseeable exopatterns, you wouldn't believe the bizarre wavelengths we're picking up from almost 50% of their population.

The ideas orbiting this thing, the sheer concept potential, it may as well come pre-marinated! A full 28% of inoculated subjects are showing signs of incubation; we'll see how the new product is developing next harvest!

Peace out, slimpickets! (UuU)


You would not BELIEVE the spiral we just had here at the factory. (>o<) Some nosy little meatlet apparently bled through the veils and even followed a product through one of our intake chutes, bypassing )(_)( entirely. It'll be pissed, but not as pissed as I was when the smackerel thwacked my conceptual biocore with a SHOVEL (@n@). We cranked up the perception leaks and finally hooked her, but it's hard to say if she's receptive to incubation or not. We'll find out if her headmatters are ripening or not by the next harvest.

Peace out, dogplumps (Q-Q)

LAYER ()()(rrk;""")

Funny things, the grey! They can't zone shift, branch, spiral or even gleam. How don't they gleam!? They don't generate gels and they experience a perpetual involuntary layer drift they interpret as "time." Haha! Stupid. Who knows what they're even drifting towards or why they can't seem to control it, but that's what makes them so ripe. Without omnidirectional branchiation they have no defense against perceptual filtration or concept reconfiguration; it's as if you can walk up behind them, in a manner of speaking, and they just aren't built to turn around. They would have never survived a full spiral without the mercy of the preservators!

Peace out, grandflaps! (OuO)

LAYER i485*#I*&???

Harvest G:I(@*(* is cycling on schedule! We're all so very excited for this crop, now that we've secured the youth market in the tubular through extrasonic ranges our investors are doubling the gleam flow! Soon, we'll be able to open circulation with the outer webbing, and can finally expand our operations to raw concept processing! If they think we make a mean potted flesh log, wait til they taste the very idea of a flesh log!

Peace out, smudgelurks! (UuU)