Lady Maya Celia

Bandit Princess

Level 102

STR 95

DEF 88

AGL 99

INT 100

CHA 1000

Entry 135


Entry 134

The Worm sure got eaten up about that bag of bugs. Guess I shouldn't tell her how those marshmallows felt! It's almost sad that we'll be parting ways so soon, I was starting to find her bizarre compassion for life increasingly amusing.

I'm almost reminded of a younger, more naive me, before the cruelties of reality forged an untainted princess into the AWESOME LADY CELIA: RUTHLESS THING-TAKERER!

Entry 133


Entry 132

We've been spat out in some wormforsaken desert, and the others are prattling on to one another over a campfire. Having heard the worm's story, I'm almost feeling sympathetic...but I'm not about to screw myself over for some sob story about some filthy grub. Besides, NOBODY knows the tragedy of loss like Lady Celia: Transferrer of Goods!


Entry 131

Well, I'm in another bloody worm again, though it doesn't seem to be anyone's fault but the lumpy one. I hope they've got a back-up plan if their "anomaly" is really that important to them, since I'm pretty sure this thing won't grow right back as fast as Lady Celia: Excellent at Mugging!

Entry 130

The Worm is meeting with the marsh hag, right on schedule. The other worms appear to be kept at bay by the Hag's miasma, but I feel it waning. Contact is growing impatient. This had better not be part of a trap, not that any trap can trap Lady Celia: Untrappable Repossessor!

Entry 129

Worm and I have met up with an old friend, one of the not-as-grisly bacties, and are off to the Pus Marsh to meet with some local seer. This is just the sort of thing they predicted. Perhaps I can indeed trust them, this time, but even so, I can still make this a win/win for Lady Celia: Wealth Redistributor!

Entry 128

We have arrived at the unwholesome abode of the bacterians. Simple folk, as trusting and naive as they are malodorous. The worm is presently wallowing in some sordid alehouse. My new contact is pleased with our progress. Whether they will make good on their promises or not, they'll learn what happens when you cross Lady Celia: Royal Taker of Assets!

Entry 127

Things have taken a rather interesting turn with the worm-thing. It has earned the wrath of many a fell wormling, but my sword has made quick work of the slimy beasts, and a rather interesting opportunity has presented itself. It may be too good to be true, but no-one tricks Lady Celia: Thief Queen of the Night!

Entry 126

There seems to be more to the ghoulish lumpworm than meets the nuclei; it's caught the old tin can's interest, and I'm picking up some juicy chatter on the local wormcasts. I was merciful enough to spare the nasty thing already. Perhaps this will yet pay off for Lady Celia: Pickpocketing Matriarch!

Entry 125

It's the dawn of a new Lumenating, and an extrazonal interloper encroaches upon my royal grove. Quite the ghastly one, at that; a four-branched worm with large, fatty lumps and a loose-fitting skin. Nice clump of moolah on its braincase; maybe there's even more on the inside? Another imminent conquest for Lady Celia: Burglary Mistress!

Entry 124

Another shift, another biovessel. How long, this time? They're getting faster, but sloppier. It must be the fear. The fear of knowing every new cycle could be their last time crossing Lady Celia: Bandit Princess!