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...How does he not wor...

Phage: You are the BEST DOCTOR, and we know from Tori that doctors and surgeons of the highest quality attend The School. What is their TE program like, what classes did you take, and who was your Advisor/Total Education committee? Tori: What part of the concept core do Buzzers act on? Their attention persists through pretty gruesome death, so it can't be an organ they're interacting with. Right? Dr. Man: In what ways are individuals from the Ultraviolet and other chromatic zones different from those from the Grey Zone? Do they tend to receive better treatment because the Hospital staff is better prepared to treat them, or because they can perceive it better and don't get themselves killed? Chip: This isn't a question, but try downloading some roguelikes - Nethack, COGMIND, Cataclysm: DDA... They really help pass the time! Professor Lexicovermus: The incredibly famous and unimpeachably competent Dr. H.M. Phage once stated that every Zone has a purpose, probably. By that logic, what purpose does the Grey Zone have? From what I've seen of other Zones, each one seems to represent both the good and bad qualities of the thing it's named after. The Hospital is full of doctors and cures, but also sickness and bacteria. The Morgue provides a resting place for the dead, but is far from peaceful or safe. Etc. What could the Grey Zone represent? Willis: What does Phage look like? Bloodstain: What did the Hospital look like before it went downhill? Was it cleaner, did it have more facilities, or were the doctors more efficient? Zonehopping Human: Do you think the vast majority of reality is disgusting, dangerous, and creepy? Or are Grey Zoners just unable to perceive it as beautiful, and extremely weak to things other organisms wouldn't find harmful? Flair: Does your cafe have any music? If not, I hear "Brave" by Jonathan Coulton is maddening to hear on a loop, repeated forever. Balmer: What are you a doctor of, anyway? Mortuary Science? Evil planning? Zonal absorption and infectious disease? Eyeslob: WHO'S A GOOD BOY?!

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