Alright, you like me, and I don't like you, but if we're gonna get through all this together we need to go over the basics.

Each turn of combat, each of us can choose ONE MOVE each.

When I ATTACK, the DM makes a STRIKE ROLL of 1D20. If this roll meets or exceeds the opponent's level, we then roll for DAMAGE! If it fails, we miss completely!

My ATK stat is 5, so on a successful strike, the damage roll consists of 5D20!

For each of these rolls beating the opponent's level, they will lose ONE HEALTH! Got it? An attack consists of the STRIKE ROLL, and if that connects, we make the DAMAGE ROLL!

If I instead choose to LEAP, I will dodge all damage for one round, then land an AUTOMATIC HIT on the next round, skipping the strike roll entirely!

If I choose to BURGLE, the STRIKE ROLL instead steals an item from the opponent. I get +5 on that roll, so I almost never fail!


Now, the ugly grub thing is a whole different, much lower class than us thieves, but it still has its uses. She's got decent attack, and two different attack types. Some enemies are resistant to stabbing, and some are resistant to bashing! Not many things are resistant to both, of course.

If she decides to SHIELD one of us, we will take NO damage that turn, while she takes only HALF damage (rounded down!)


Maggie is our OFFENSIVE CASTER, with two different damage types of her own and a pretty high attack, but very low HP, and at a low level, she gets hit pretty easily! Fortunately, she can use her BARRIER to wait out one turn, taking zero damage, and HALVE all damage she takes the turn afterwards!


Finally, we've got our designated healer, Doctor Staph. She's sworn to do no harm, for some unnurgley reason, but she's highly resilient with excessive amounts of health! If one of us needs patching up, she can REFILL OUR HP, even from zero, at the cost of her own!

Alternatively, she can BOOST one of us, which gives that party member an automatic +1 to all rolls that turn, including damage rolls!

Like Maggie, Staph can also just avoid all damage for an entire turn!