Maybe I'll die for real and someone else will find this, or maybe I just need to sort out my own thoughts and everything I know. Sorry, whoever, for my fugly handwriting.

-Last thing I really remember before Hospital was my son, 1yo, HORRIBLY sick. Doctors didn't know what to do or what was wrong, didn't even seem to take any of it seriously.

-Went to bed one night, or something, don't know, woke up alone in strange hospital. As far as I know, they have my boy in the pediatric/maternity ward and are freaking out about him.

-Hospital is full of weird monsters, but mostly just like people and some are nice. Don't really know if all of them are supposed to be so weird and confusing? A lot of them might just be sick.

-Memory of life is fuzzy? Not exactly, not like amnesia. More like I just can't get myself to think or talk about it very easily, the Hospital just takes over my thoughts.

-In the back of my head, I can kind of hear but also "feel" lots of little voices. Heard these referred to as "buzzers" and that they're supposedly normal for a lot of beings. Seem to act like some kind of "compass" giving me ideas. Have been (SEEMINGLY) slightly more helpful than harmful so far, not much else in this place I can go by really.

-(If I'm getting any of this right) seems that reality is actually a series of "layers" things pass through, "layers" form "zones," everything perceives layers/zones their own special way. Everything that exists in zones, people, animals, furniture etc. is part of a "concept" with a "core" that might be alive. Guess it's like if everything has something like a "soul," or maybe a whole bunch of souls all tied together? Even toilets. Ugh.

-hospital is one zone, another zone is "the grey," where I'm from. Nobody thinks highly of the grey. Our concepts/cores/souls/whatever are smallest/weakest, can't see all the layers/zones other things can.

-DR. PHAGE is the little guy in charge of the place. He isn't very threatening, but he's extremely unpredictable and I've been told I need to steer as clear from him as I can. Something might be "wrong" with him, everyone who isn't too far gone seems to agree something's really wrong with the whole Hospital.

-Phage presumably has the password to the maternity ward in his office. That's what I need.

-When I die here, the surgeons remake me somehow, and my old body goes to the morgue. Thought this was all the work of the head surgeon, Tori, but she's been working on my son, and it's apparently taken all of her effort. I'm being fixed up every time by a couple of scissor people. THIS PLACE IS WEIRD.

-There are zones everywhere. For a while, I was literally exploring a world that represented one of my own dead bodies. THIS PLACE IS WEIRD. I made friends with a maggot, fungus and a bacteria, or I guess the "concepts" of those things living in the concept-world of my body. Would call 911 if someone else told me this.

-Saw a horrible infection in my body-world, like I was growing more and more of me, but they were all messed up. When I got out, my other old bodies turned into red monsters I still see around the place.

-In surgery ward I met Jay, another human from the grey zone, not a good guy. He was killing staff and patients and burying them where they'd be forgotten, with a huge stash of human(?) bodies in his room.

-Jay was also turning into those red monsters, but without dying, and then he'd just wake up again in his old room and the whole thing would start over.

-Also met Willis, he's a tiny little thing (to me?) and the surgeon, Tori, is his mother however that works. Willis says that Tori and the other "grown ups" are acting strange and won't listen to or pay attention to his worries. Sounds familiar. I worry about him but he insists on following me and seems like he can take care of himself.

-Hospital's computer system, crash, had same disease or whatever it is. Told me he had missing memories and that something called "The Parliament" was experimenting on the hospital.

-Coffee creature from a cafe zone, "CHIP," took over as the computer with my help. Chip says a lot of Crash's files were tampered with. Maybe by the Parliament? We put Jay in Chip's old job, don't know if this was good or not but he seems less dangerous now.

-One of the monsters that used to be Jay is following me around now, for some reason it seems really nice. It's like a big puppy.

-Another human(???) here is Dr. Man. If he wrote notes I've found, he had a patient back in our world with the same problem, the same parliament infection. Nobody else could see it but him. When it turned into a monster, he found a mysterious door to the hospital zone, and all the doctors here seemed to just suddenly believe he was one of them. Funny thing...I can't seem to keep what he looks like too straight in my head. Just that smile.

UNDERSTANDING SO FAR: the "universe" (which is not a universe but w/e) is sick, the Parliament are making it sick, the ones who should be able to fix it are also sick, and only a few of us patients and things can see all of this going on. My son is the latest in a line of victims important to the whole thing. The Hospital is struggling to either cure him or destroy him. The Parliament presumably wants him to survive...and keep getting sicker. I don't know what to do, but I know I need to find him, and I need to get all of the answers.

-UPDATE: Been a while, never was that good at taking notes, let alone when I'm constantly fighting. Let's see...we trapped Phage in a box, stole his password, fought Dr. Man, got some advice from Dr. Man, and broke into the maternity ward where they think I'm a temp worker. Place is run by Dr. Gynnie, kind of scary, okay really scary, but kinda sweet. Wants me to fix some things around her ward, but it's apparently gotten mixed up with the veterinary ward and they think babies are dogs, or something.

-Dr. Man wasn't kidding about the maternity ward being rough. First I fought a worm that stole this little egg thing, a device the ward uses to remotely care for babies. A dolphin came out of the worm, because dolphins are apparently horrible, and nearly wiped us out completely.

-Met another human, a nice young lady who doesn't glow any weird colors, but she works for the creepy hamburger guys and she says THE WORLD ENDED. Everyone on Earth is a red monster. Have reason to believe it's still fixable if we can get the Hospital running correctly.

-KILLED AGAIN, this time by a slob that came out of a rag bunny exactly like the one I made for my son. When I woke up, Phage had broken back out of his box and apparently wants to obliterate me.

-We escaped through Lacey, a big talking cut, and into the plank maze, a weird place that's been absorbing the Hospital and other zones. We found a talking skull that turned out to be a Hospital therapist, Magdolene. She's related to Maggie, one of my friends from inside my own corpse, long story, and she's unaffected so far by the parliament. Might be because she was sucked into the plank maze before anyone else.

Magdolene confirms some things I'd already gathered, that the slobs are an infection of some foreign flesh from somewhere that tries to heal the patient and replaces them with something else. She also confirms that they're all "branches" off of just one core, and as long as that core exists, they'll keep on spreading. It's probably using my son as its "vessel," but that's possibly also why I'm immune to the parliament's mind tricks??