Willis could usually only receive a fuzzy impression of your suggestions, but rest assured your collective consensus steered his meandering and distractable thought processes in just the right direction.

Willis decided to keep one of the two audio recordings, believing correctly that it must be quite important, and stepped back to admire his good job of organizing the remaining works. Just as you fine folks had surmised, things like toaster schematics and medical supplies qualified as "biology," whereas everything in "history" was considered by the author of this ongoing mess to be unofficial canon somehow.


Contains a recording of only a single note...perhaps there's more somewhere.

Elsewhere in the library, a very small librarian experienced a new, fleeting moment of total mental clarity, or at least a moment of the anarchistic psychological mayhem such an entity was supposed to experience, rather than the more dangerous kind he'd been afflicted with since at least his first encounter with Fern. After all, something wrong with his beloved library had just been corrected - and flawlessly so - by none other than an entity of The Hospital, a rather powerful event however small the problem or however small the entity in question. Feel free to think of it like acupuncture, but also not like that at all.

It wouldn't be long before the wrong kind of madness yet again consumed the tiny Professor's consciousness, which more or less ran off the library itself as a "brain," but maybe, just maybe this story arc would really do him a spot of good.


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