As Willis rounded one particularly boring corner of the labyrinth, he caught sight of his adversary's trademark filth once more, and got half-way through rolling his eyeholes before his eyeholes shifted gears to bugging clear out of themselves in shock, a feat which would have given you a fleeting migraine to have witnessed.

He had managed to make a circle.

He had been here before.

...And he had worked VERY VERY hard doing a VERY GOOD job with NONE of your help, too.

What were we just comparing to Willis? A space nebula, was it?

It is likely that some point in your life you have probably witnessed or experienced what is commonly referred to by your species as a Nervous Breakdown, or more demeaningly as a "temper tantrum" when it happens to children. It is probably not as likely that you have been witnessed such a phenomenon in any nebulae.

As Willis stood, staring up at the freshly and now irreversibly disordered "books," The surrounding planks began to creak and groan just a little more than usual.

Then a lot more than usual.


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