PARASITES: An Illustrated Biological Textbook by a Six Year Old.
Back in the early 1980's, my knowledge of the nature world came primarily from crude, early websites
called "books," and just like I do today, I'd take whatever I'd learned and cobble together a bastardized,
dumbed down version of my very own. The following notebook was uncovered from a box of drawings
and art projects shortly before I began grade school, and show just how long I've been enamored with
Haha, "germs" isn't even a science word,! You'll never amount to ANYTHING!
It's called the scolex, not the head, stupid!
Now you know just what a tick looks like on a person's hand.
Now there's an eloquent scientific description.

That fish is having like the WORST day, isn't it?
I only knew of these things from "a Golden Guide to North American Insects." The idea of a wingless fly living like
a tick fascinated the hell out of me then, and it does now. I've still never seen one of these things in person.
These three louse illustrations are directly plagiarized from the same "Golden Guide."
The lamprey is just like that, guys.
He's not a parasite, but look how happy he is just to be a part of things!