It was in the cold membrane channels that the cone first sang of that hated day when infants possessed sight. We wouldn't even have the Moist ones if the Gull had understood the basic purposes of particulated flange induction, but what else was it equipped to screen? A chalkgnarl?

   Granted, some of the shamblers would have you believe that induction is a natural part of the gull's osmosis dance, but you can see how its extradermal channels have all but disappeared, rendering an even distribution impossible under this cycle's physical laws.

   The cone has lied before, and it could lie again. Only green-zone phlegmation probes were thought necessary to navigate the membranes, until the stupid Moists paraded their uninduced flanges through every zone with a funnel. Can you believe they laughed?

   We all think sighted infants are funny when they're happening to someone else's zone, but the transduction of the Moist is a harsh lesson that can't be ignored. I don't believe the Gull can be held responsible for their idiocy; just be grateful their gel layers weren't matter-based, or we could see and taste them.