Jonathan Wojcik
all prize words features a secret, multi-part story written by Jonathan Wojcik (that's me!), originally unlockable by exploring various games, stories and features across burgrr and Bogleech. If you would like to experience the journey as originally intended, a more elaborate walkthrough can be found here. Otherwise, simply visit burgrr's contest page and submit the following code words to read each story chapter:

CYSTERICOSIS (chapter one)

LISTERIOSIS (chapter two)

TRICHINOSIS (chapter three)

CAMPYLOBACTER (chapter four)

3NCEPHDLOP4THY (chapter five - nine pages)

Enter all five words in a row (no spaces) for a special bonus page.

You may also wish to explore burgrr's deeper layers by visiting these sections in order:
Click "IT'S PROBLEMATIC" on the right-hand side.
"IMPORTANT FUN" highlighted in yellow.
"ACTIVITY DREAM" near the upper left.
"COPORATE" at the top right now highlighted in red.
"MEAT DISCOVERY" now highlighted yellow to your left.
CLICK THE MEAT CHARTS and enjoy the site's most secret page.

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