It's been nearly ten years since I began drawing gruesome little battle-monsters for a world I'd eventually name Mortasheen, and after nearly a solid year of mostly secret development, the Mortasheen concept will finally metamorphose into something more tangible for people to enjoy.

   Within the coming weeks, the independent game publisher Cat Powered Raygun will be releasing a downloadable Ebook containing everything you need to play an all-new, original pen and paper roleplaying game set in the Mortasheen world, including exclusive artwork and in-depth background information on dozens of characters, environments and phenomenon I've never before revealed!

   Even non-gamers might enjoy learning the strange ecology of Mortasheen city's many different environments, the various races who engineer and train Mortasheen monsters, and the many outrageous ways normal humans have struggled to adapt in a world where garbage tries to eat you...including one so threatening it may finally unite the lawless city's mad inhabitants under a common goal.

   Actual release date, cost and more teaser details to follow!


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