's first Halloween art gallery
 Strange things can happen when an underpaid commercial artist needs to fill 100 pages with
family-friendly monsters for children to scribble all over. Take for instance the seasonal "BIG FUN" books
by generic publisher "Better-than-Broccoli Books". Within its cryptic pages, sandwiched between totally
ordinary drawings of pumpkins and bats, there dwell scattered images of pure, primal, nightmareish horror
like none the mortal world has ever been prepared for.

  I am referring, of course, to a vampire eating corn:
Those aren't your precious eggs, Queenie...someone's pulled a switcheroo!
If you see this man, contact your local authorities immediately
This is a Halloween image because there is a pumpkin and that is a piranha.
The perpetrator may change disguises at any moment!
This one is actually pretty damn creepy
I have nothing to say...I'm just partial to sludge beasts.
The pumpkin cannot handle a sight this gruesome.
Someone's been watching too much anime.
 We will never know what devastating psychological repercussions this seemingly harmless image may
have already burned into the fragile imaginations of countless American children, but we can know this:

  Vampires eating corn are
Halloween in its Purest, most Powerful form.

  And that, readers, is a message only YOU can bring to life! Send in your own artwork of a vampire
eating corn on the cob to along with the name you prefer to go by and any
personal link you would like to accompany your submission.
 As a hopelessly optimistic pleaser, judging a "contest" turned out to be the hardest thing I've
ever had to do for the site. I sincerely love every last entry I received for a wide variety of
reasons, and had I the resources, every one of them would earn some sort of prize...but then
I guess I'd look even fruitier than I do

  Thus, it is both for effort and for number of votes by strangers on message boards that
Brokk and his epic hypothetical film-poster walk away (from their mailbox) with a box of
weird, random stuff I didn't need anymore. For everyone else, drop me another line via
e-mail if you own your own website or deviantart gallery, so that I may link it from your
usernames here.
...And for your minor amusement, here are more choice pages of "BIG FUN!"
If you see this man...
Whatever he's burying, it's probably much more sinister than bats.
I just like this one.
By Acidonia
By Azes13
Based on the
This adorable little sprite is the littlest vampire sent in, fit for an SNES horror game.
A great pixel-art Cornpire!
Boyakki's cornpire with his favorite corn condiments.
It's Bunnicula! What, you don't know who Bunnicula is? What ARE they making you read in school then?
By Sparky
A couple of adorable Malaysian vampires, as discussed in one of the site articles!
By Ryan
Cornpires crossing the delaware. This is the part the Historians always get wrong.
By Josh
Slick and styleish!
Daimera's diabolical ghoul! Track her down on Deviantart for some of the best monster art you will ever see.
By Daimera
This mental vampire from
By Corpsecreature
Behold the true form of the cornpire! I think the choice in color is what really makes this one.
By Gee
Hematophage ingesting maize!
By Hisham Hasan
As Ken explains, the only thing scarier than a vampire eating corn is a vampire eating corn....IN HELL!
By Ken Moulton
A particular dashing duke of the night enjoying a crisp, farm-fresh victim.
By Keyshe54
A boy named Edgar fends off the dread SWAMP VAMPIRE!
By Lord Desayn
Theaters in Heaven must never stop playing this.
True horror fans know exactly what this is.
One of two snazzy entries by horror artiste Mister Trioxin!
By Mister Trioxin
Also by Mister
This guy kinda looks like an Italian mobster, too. Don't mess with THE FAMILY.
By Nathan
Nyum, nyum, nyum!
By Nematode
BIG corn...or little vampire? YOU DECIDE (actually it's big corn)
Seriously, Inky, how do you even eat?
A bold, dynamic painting of one ghastly vegetarian Nosferatu! One of my personal favorites.
By Zodar
A Comic by Outhouse Inferno
You would already know this if you had Animal Planet.
By Finfreeze T.
-The Gallery-
(I would rather think of them as "co-winners")
(Link goes to Tokka's vampire-eating-corn page!!!)
By TOKKA of Tokka'z