's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Ted Miller

It was fogy, very thing smelt bad. I could feel the moist gross heat all around me.
Still even with the conditions outside has they are. I went to a yard sale. There was
many odd brick a barck and old things to be found. Truly a wonder sight to behold as the items all seamed to gleam in the limited light, If it had by sunny surly I would have become blind. Sadly I was a fool and only brought a small amount of money with me, it seemed like I could not afford the wonders in front of me. Until a strange old man came upon me. He looked like he was made of old warped wood, hunched and deformed with golden yellow teeth and dressed in a bizarre ill fitting suit.

The coot informed me he was the owner of the wonders on sale today and tired rather hard to sell them to me. I told him I had very little money to spend. He glanced at me with an ugly smile and ran like a greased pig towards some unknown place and time. He return but a short time latter wit what seemed to be a 18mm film camera. He laughed as he held aloft the device. He informed me this was no simple camera but a special camera that could see into other reality. Of course I did not believe this strange old thing that was sting next to me, but for five dollars and a free roll of film I was happy with it. Hours pass by and the box remained unopened in my house.

Finally the mood struck me to test this camera. The box smelt of dust and untold ages, oping it only spread this foul smell across my living room. Opening the windows did little to help. I began to shake as I held the cold metal camera in my hands. I feel as if I was being noticed by some evil force. When I began filming noting seemed it all different to me. But then like a fuzzy tv set it all began to come into my sight. Things that I can only describe as pulsing light with oozing flesh whizzed by my eyes. Large metal worms polygonal in shape warping around me. A whole kingdom of unseen life, horrifying and yet some how beautiful. My mouth was a gasht at what I was fliming.
I wasted no time and tired my damned to doctument all the froums and things the camera was showng me, gabbering on like some carzy school boy at this amzing find.
Hours spent on study them untill evry second was used up. I was to be the tlak of the wrold or at kleast that was what was ruing in my mind. I ran to my beed room to play back the things I had filmed. In the cold drak nothingness was all that showed screen, noly the sounds of faint buzzing could be heard.