's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by The Awesome Flee

Iíve had a crow infestation for a while now. I donít know where they are, but every night they start cawing like maniacs, itís unbearable.

I tried calling an exterminator, he said heíd be over in an hour, itís been 10; I donít think heís coming.

Iíve been hearing a lot more of the cawing now, itís been going 24-7, and itís strange, the cawing seems to be coming from below me.

I think theyíre in the basement, Iím hearing the cawing coming from below the floorboards, and occasionally I feel one throw itself on them.

Iím reluctant to go down there, the floorboards now feel like theyíre bulging with crows, I donít want to go down there.

The crows are now coming up from the basement, theyíre stealing my food. Iíve set up traps, they havenít worked.

I tried calling the exterminator again, this time nobody answered. Just cawing, I should have expected that.

I went out today. I wanted some peace from the god damn cawing. No such luck, a hoard of crows followed me everywhere I went, constantly cawing at me.

I finally built up the courage to go down into the basement today, nothing. Not a single crow. Itís very unusual though, there are tunnels everywhere.

Oh my god. I went out today, everyone disappeared. Not a single human being, just tunnels, tunnels everywhere.

Itís been days now since I last saw another human. I think Iím going insane, the cawing is constantly repeating inside my head. Iím beginning to think the crows are doing this to me on purpose. Maybe all the people disappearing has something to do with the crows.
Iím starting to get used to this, nothing but tunnels. The cawing has stopped. I havenít heard a single caw. Finally, some peace.
  The people reappeared today. I asked one where they all went, nothing. Funny, I almost thought I heard some of them cawing.
  Now I really think Iím going mad. Everyone has started cawing, I canít take it. Itís so fucking loud, GOD MAKE IT STOP!!!
  I tried to talk with another human, he cawed in my face, and then, oh my god, he spat a crow at me. It tried to go down my throat, I swatted it away, and it died. Iíve never seen an animal so sensitive, I wonder if these are normal crows at all.
  Iíve been keeping my distance from everyone since what happened the other day, I look outside, theyíre everywhere. People wandering around like zombies. A simple noise will send them in a frenzy.
   I killed a man today, though I donít know if it would be considered killing. He came into my house and starting spitting crows all over the place, every single one trying to go down my throat. This time though, they varied in size, some were the size of a regular crow, and some were the size of an ant. One succeeded in climbing down my throat. I can still it burrowing inside of me. I grabbed a poker from beside the fireplace and I rammed it into the ďmanísĒ stomach. What I found has been burned to the back of my skull still today. Out of his stomach came hundreds of crows, each one trying to burrow down my throat. I hid from them under my bed for about an hour, and then peeked out to see if they were all gone. They were indeed. I went to examine the body, he was just a husk. No organs, no bones, no anything. Itís as if the crows were controlling him, like a puppet.
  I decided to do some investigating today. I started digging down one of the tunnels, to find the source. I dug all day. I still couldnít find the source. I can feel the crow inside of me, crawling around, digging just as I am, its cawing vibrating my insides.

Another day of digging, Iíve been digging for about a month now, I think Iím getting close. Close to the center. Iím running out of food, I need to hurry. The crow inside of me surprisingly still hasnít killed me, as if itís purposely keeping me alive.

I finally ran out of food today. Iíve been living off of the husk of the man for a while now. Heís now completely gone. Iíve been reluctant to go outside, I fear the crows.

I went outside today, it was worse than I thought. Hordes of crows of various sizes, from the size of a car to the size of an insect. Some even distorted. There was something like a ďcrow centipedeĒ crawling up my leg; I squashed it beneath my foot. What the hell is happening around here? I was attacked by the ďcrow zombiesĒ this time you could actually see the crows bulging against their skin. Iím very afraid. I quickly ran to get some food and then zoomed back to my house. I donít want to go back out there. The cawing is worse than ever before, itís distorted. Itís almost as if itís calling my name.

A ghastly thought crossed my mind while digging today. ďIf these crows have deformed to such a point where they can grow to such unnatural sizes, What if thereís crows too small to see? Kind of like a crow virus.Ē How many crows are inside of me? I donít like to think of it.
I finally reached the center today. The moment I got down I was attacked by hordes of crows. When the onslaught finally ended, I found what looked like an immense anthill. Chambers, tunnels, thankfully large enough to crawl through. I started crawling aimlessly through the tunnels; I think itís going to take a while to reach the center.

Itís been days of wandering through tunnels. I donít think Iíll ever find the center. I think I might even die down here.
I found a great clue to finding the center today. A really dim light, I can follow it. A rush of excitement rushed over me. It kind of hurts to be excited actually, with that crow digging on my insides and all.

Iím getting very close, Iíve started to hear cawing in the distance, and piles of crow droppings are littering the ground. I can feel an aura, a sense of fear, like Iím about to see something Iím not supposed to. I decided not to turn back though, seeing how far Iíve gone.

Iíve almost found the center, and I kind of wished I did turn back. Crows were fused in the walls, cawing a gurgled variation of what sounded like my name. Iím very scared. Just a few more miles. The light is almost blinding now.

I found the center today, and now everything makes sense. I only stayed a second, one second to observe the horror in which sat before my eyes. She was fused into the ground, with branches of feathered flesh rooting into the ground like a tree, a deformed mess of black, tumorous meat, beating like a heart, wings and crows sprouting out at every end, with a large, twisted, misshapen beak at the end. One large talon was sprouting out of its back, in which alone was the size of a tree. I read something on an obscure website once; I think something likeÖ bloody leech? Anyways, I read something about how a deep sea anglerfish mates, something like how a male bites onto the femaleís side, and after a while fuses in, it becomes part of her, leaving alone only the guy parts to produce sperm. Well, I think that was what I was seeing. Crows, by the hundreds, biting into thisÖ thingís side. I saw the back ends of crows sprouting out of it, at seemingly random places. It grabbed a single crow out of the air with the claw coming out of its back, which it then tossed into its mouth. And then, oh my god, I will never forget what it did then. With those thousands of eyes all over its bodyÖÖ It looked at me. Then, it began to spit out millions of crows, just like on the surface, which then began to head in my direction.  Ran out as fast as I possibly could. And Iím still running to this very minute.

Iíve been running for days now. And Iíve finally reached the end of the seemingly endless tunnels. I jumped out just as millions of crows burst out. I hid from them, in my attic, and thatís where I am now. I donít want to go back down. Knowing that that thing is down thereÖ

The queen.