's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Emily Pirka B.

You were different when we first met.
You stared into space a lot. You seemed to be off in your own little world, and I was fine with that. You paid just as much attention to me. We shared laughter-filled lunch dates. We held hands the entire time, from when the waiter took our orders to the time they left the check.
You told me you weren't sure who you were anymore. I told you that everyone feels that way sometimes, and your hand tightened around mine.

I soon realized I was very much in love with you, and I wanted you.
You were hesitant at first, of course. But you told me you felt the same way.
You wore a lot of layers. I mean, that's what's considered fashionable right now, isn't it? It's normal for a woman to be trendy where her clothing is concerned.
Just like it's normal for a man to want to peel it all off.
When the night finally came...
You told me you had never done anything like this before. We giggled nervously to ourselves as you took off the first layer.
I saw a flash of color. Something moving that was not your flesh.
Your body was covered with pulsing growths.
More of them were revealed as each layer fell to the ground. I felt bile rising in my throat.
You stood before me as a sea of glowing mushrooms, poking out from somewhere deep inside. Your eyes were glazed over as you saw me pick up the knife.
You told me that no one would care if I killed you, because you were already dead. I was too afraid to think anything of it. You didn't resist as I backed you against the wall. My hand shook as I prepared to destroy the monstrosity I thought I had loved. Tears fell from your unblinking eyes as I plunged the blade into your chest.

The moment that metal touched skin, you burst. You burst into thousands of tiny specks of light that filled the room. The growths shrank from your body.

Where you once were in my arms, now there was nothing but an empty shell; a corpse.
I found the first one the next day, sprouting from my arm.
I felt your warmth flowing through me. I felt sadness and regret. It swirled through my mind along with the promise of a new beginning. I feel almost as if it's what you had wanted all along.

And your love only continues to spread.
My heart feels like it's bursting.
You were different when we first met.
Now we'll be together forever.