's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Dolls of Bits"

Submitted by Jessie

Small.Of bone and hair.And the teeth!Dolls made of bits,bits bits bits........The parts we throw away.Dont need.But they do.Its our fault.We put them in jars, where we thought they were safe.But not.not.not.
We have our us they need it keeps them alive, healthy specimens is what they want, because they need a supply to make more and more and more.
We made them.Out of clay.And the hair.All the pieces.But we didnt.We did.
And when they find us, we wont be found.
We wont be found anymore.
Tell others, about them, the things, the ones we imagined.Wr made them to keep children at rest, teach them values.
Now.They are back.
The tall one commands, the smiler follows, and the killer.The killer stay awake, ever searching for sleeping one.He keeps them asleep.Even the ghost miner helps, in his cubic land of zeroes and ones.
They will be our downfall.
We made them.
They unmake us.