's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Halloween Demons"

Submitted by Aranel Diamond

This is all 100% true.  I was warned not to share my experience, and for a while I was actually genuinely afraid for my life and had no intention to.   Now that some time has passed and rationale thinking has kicked in, I'm just hoping it was all in my head and I have nothing to fear. 

In short, I have been motivated to change in fear of my life.  Thank you demons, whether or not you exist only in my head or at large, thank you.

I'll start from the beginning:

It was Halloween night, and I had just gotten home from celebrations and trick or treating.  I had the Diablo soundtrack playing softly in the background and candles lit everywhere.  No artificial lights allowed on Halloween night!  I was sitting on my bed staring off into space, thinking of awesome ideas for next Halloween and filled with the general depression I come across at about this time every year... the fact that it was done, all over until next year... When suddenly I became aware of additional voices to my consciousness... I think.  I felt like I knew that these voices must be the 'demons' of All Hallows Eve trying to get my attention, as crazy as that sounds.  So of course I let my inner thoughts quiet, intrigued but not yet fearful of this unexplained presence.  All of a sudden, I felt suddenly drawn toward the biggest candle inside a glass jar I had painted earlier to look like a jack o lantern.  The flame flickered wildly, and I began having thoughts in a voice unfamiliar to my own, hard to make out in some places and crystal clear in others.  I know at some point during our 'conversation' I grabbed my Halloween planner notebook and a pen, and flipped open to a blank section and decided I would just write and not think about it, or maybe it told me to do this and they told me what to write, either way, I swear, this is what (we?) wrote that night:

those last few lines chill me to my core…

“May I remind you Aranel, that you neither have experienced true fear.  Your time must come young one, your time will come.

I understand, but I am human, and I am afraid.


The page on the other side is just a mess of "Keep it hidden" and "I will not share this"

I have told no one else this tale yet.  So if I'm killed in a strange accident or disappear mysteriously because I sent this to you scythemantis, I can only hope that you found my tale entertaining.


Sara Collison AKA Aranel Diamond