's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Ted Miller

Dress in resplendent shimmering green am I. Tall and might my feet planted in the show the envy of all my siblings. I am truly handsome. the cold icy wind whipping up the ice into a thick miasma. Out of the mist of what seems like time ever lasting a small family. They seem to be a jolly lot, talking about on my majestic looks. Singing merely as the looked at my siblings with utter dis stain, I can blame then for I am handsome. Then a most horrifying sight The father of this small pack made a most morbid smile ever and lifted a small axe.

He said i was perfect and paid a man a small sum for me as if I were a slave. He began to hack at my legs I could not move for I had passed out and when I awoke I was tied to the roof o there car. I was sicked by this fate,I was to handsome to have this happen to me.
What seem like hour felw bye at the speed of light. They took my to there home and began to ram a metal rod in what was the stumps of my feet. Horrified but I was unable to scream. The bagan to put string of light on me and sang.. Oh Christmas tree. Now I sit with gifts under me, Cursing the fact that I am handsome. Slowly dieing.