's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Smilecat98

"A couple days ago I was looking for some abandoned houses... I found one and looked around I thought for the time being it was a good house. But there was a problem...I could hear scratching noises and meowing. I looked around if say a cat was stuck somewhere but it was getting late so I had to go home. I felt sad that I had to leave that cat all alone... then I went to a store and got some cat food.It was night when I came back to the abandoned house.All I had with me was the cat food,a torch and my phone. (because I don't have a camera) When I went in the abandoned house there was no sound at all only the crickets chirping.Then all I hear is meowing but not normal meows more like in pain meows. I yell at the top of my voice: KITTY! The meows get desperate and more in pain. I repeat as loud as I can: KITTY! KITTY! KITTY! the more i'd call out the more the cat's meows would get more desperate and more in pain. until I called kitty for one last time and I heard A loud SNAP like a bone breaking. There was a long silence then that same SNAP but then had a scream of a woman. My mind just started to shut down and have the fight or flight instinct to start.I dropped the cat food,The torch and my phone and just ran for it. Then I just can't remember what happend next I just woke up in my kitchen. Outside it was dark and it was rainy with lightning storms.For a very odd reason I had my phone in my hand even though I remembered I dropped it. I looked at what the time was and it was 9:52 but my phone said that the date was the 6th.that really scared me because it was the 2nd when I went into that house. Then I looked up and in the darkness there was some sort of liquid on one of my walls. so I went and turned on the light... I wish I hadn't now... because on the wall writen in blood said some words, they read "THANKS FOR THE FOOD." "