's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Memento Minfeld"

Submitted by Shouty

    In the murky waters of an unknown ocean lie a species of drifters. These free-swimming creatures undulate through the sea, colliding with one another in the hopes of feeding their curiosity. When one touches another, they have the ability to communicate in a manner that may be foreign to other beings living among this abyssal ecosystem. Their memories are transferred from one another, and each individual processes them like any other would. Once these memories are shared, they know more, and they grow more. This is their way of life, and their source of nourishment and power. They are known as the Minfleds.

    When something of intense violence is observed, the more knowledgable and rational Minfleds see to it that the memory of such graphic imagery is purged. Since they are larger and more powerful, they are able to weed out the mental image and release it in the form of an emotional excrement that wisps away along the ocean current. The pheromones it releases deters any Minfleds from ever going near it. They perceive it as poison, and no Minfled in its right mind would let itself be exposed. That is, until one with a certain deficiency came into existence.

    This particular individual was completely neutral, and had no faculty to make judgment nor sense of right or wrong. After being tossed and turned among its peers, it cannot make the call to nourish itself with precious and nutritious recollection. It is an empty vessel with no motivation to continue its life functions. It comes across a whirlpool, and it is quickly dragged in. After almost being eviscerated by the rough waters, it finds a field of malignant thoughts. Hungry for anything at this point, it consumes all of them, growing larger, increasing its massiveness, and overall power. It is pumped with barbarity and amoralisms, with enough energy to fuel itself across the ocean many times over.

    Filled with rage and sadism, it jets off towards the rest of its clan, and systematically kills each one off. As each one is shredded to bits, the everlasting memory wisps waft into the colossal Minfledís gut, growing ever stronger. However, as each one is decimated, and more memories are consumed, the Minfled grows more sensible. Just as the last of its kind is about to be destroyed, it feels remorse. But itís too late: the Minfled delivers its final blow, and it is the last of its kind. Consumed with feelings of guilt and conflict, the Minfled writhes about in the ocean. Tossing and turning, it whips up a current that spins its carriage around. The Minfled is blended to pieces by its own razor-edged tides, and is no more. All of the memories of this curious race are contained within this submarine storm as if it were one monumental phantom.

    Traveling around the ocean, it is said that these memories, along with the whirling sound from the streams of the hurricane, produce the most horrifying noise ever heard. It is the sound of conflicting emotions: both happiness and sadness, accomplishment and remorse, rationality and savagery.