's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Nausea Maze"

Submitted by Infernalthing

There was a strange rumor in my town about a house. A family lived there until they mysteriously went missing without a trace.
A police squad searched the house but never returned. There was no trace of them and no clue to what happened. Nothing was left behind.
Over time the house was investigated by those who were brave enough. Some of them never came back and those who did didn't report anything unusual.
The legend even scared parents to keep their children away from that house.
After 3 years since the first disappereance the house was demolished to prevent other incidents.
Larry was a teenager that bragged about his courage. One day, his friend Peter dared him to visit the ruines of that house.
Larry never refused a dare and accepted the challenge.
After school they were hanging around the ruins until Peter noticed a trap door.
He challenged Larry to descend there. Larry went down and after some time he still didn't return.
Peter shouted after him but wasn't answered. He was feeling guilty for sending him down and decided to get his friend out of there.
After descending the stairs there was a hallway illuminated by dim lightbulbs. As Peter walked he started to smell a foul odour as he noticed the walls are stained with feces and blood.
He almost puked and decided to return as he couldn't bear it anymore. But the stairs were gone and instead the hallway extended to a crossway.
Peter was confused and covered his nose before turning right. The place was giving him creeps but he had no choice.
After traveling for some time, Peter realized this place is a maze. He sometimes stumbled across piles of maggots. Those maggots tried to follow him with an unusual speed so Peter avoided them.
The atmoshere made him sick and he even puked several times. To make it worst, a stinky liquid was dripping from the ceiling at certain places.
Peter's nausea was combined with fright as he could hear distant moanings.
Being overwhelmed, he made a break to regain his strenght but suddenly was interrupted by the sound of vomit expelled from a hole in the wall.
He carefuly approached to see from a distance what was on the other side.
The moment Peter saw a bloodshot eye in the hole he ran away as fast as he could. He was running desperately until he triped on something.
When he got up he saw the thing that made him trip. It was a human spine that had a pair of legs on each vertebra.
It moved and jumped towards Peter who kicked it and ran away from it.
Eventually he managed to get away from the spine. But the moans he was hearing all the time transfomed into growls.
Being paralized with fear he saw something crawling from the darkness. It was a very pale and skinny humanoid with almost no hair. Its legs are missing and looking like there were chewed off.
Its face was horrid, with bloodshot eyes, the jaw was missing and maggots are constantly falling out off its mouth.
But when Peter saw the face more clearly he recognized it was his friend, Larry.
The monster was crawling very fast but Peter still could run from it. As he was trying to escape, he encountered a set of teeth on the floor and ceiling.
Those oversized teeth were placed on enamel and Peter wouldn't normaly cross over them but this time a monster was behind him.
He jumped and the teeth closed later and cut down Larry's head. The worms comming out from the mouth didn't stop comming and they were many enough to carry the head.
The chase didn't stop and Peter almost passed out. All was too much for him.
Unfortunately, he came across an empty room. It was a dead end.
But the ceiling had some pipes and Peter managed to grab on them.
He was hanging on the pipes but the maggots flooded the floor. Sooner or later his strenght will give up and fall.