's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Never Make Eye Contact"

Submitted by Anonymous

Never make eye contact. That`s the first rule. The very first rule.
No one has to tell you. It`s not instinct, either. It`s just a FACT.
When you are lying in your bed at night, and you see something move on the big bedroom window, you pretend that you are asleep. You tremble, yet you keep your eyes closed. Or half-closed, at least. You know it is there. You know it is huge, and sitting on your window, like a gecko, and staring at you with these large eyes, blinking only once in a while. And staring, staring.
You know it is there, but it can never, never ever know that you know.
You want to turn on the light, get out of bed, run away. But then you will blow your cover. So you try to be still. You try not to think about the fact that you left another window open. The thing outside could come into your home if it wanted to. While you have your eyes closed, it could leave its post, and next time you open your eyes, it could be at the foot of your bed.
After a while, they will leave. They won`t come back every night. Years can pass without another visit. You`ll feel comfortable about leaving windows open at night. And you`ll be fine. Nothing bad will ever happen to you, as long as you leave well enough alone.
Yet sometimes, one of you is getting… wild. Your skin feels like its freezing, the little hairs on your arms and legs and on your back turn into bristles, and you jump out of bed and you scream. You turn on the light, and the thing on the window doesn`t go away, and you run towards the window and you start hitting it with both hands and the thing outside doesn`t blink more than usual, and you scream and you scream.
Finally, the thing outside starts moving, and it`s so very fast and in a second it is gone. You`ll never see it again.
No one is going to see you again, either.