's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Dandelion Steph


Jennifer Mordley loved pink. She had pink bedsheets, pink pillows, pink wallpaper, pink towels----everything she had and endeavored to obtain was pink. If you left a can of pink lemonade out on the kitchen table and left it for only a moment, when you came back it would be gone---Jennifer had taken it.

One day she was out shopping in the local mall. One store was filled with post-Halloween knickknacks that hadn't yet been bought. Normally, she would have passed that store by, as Halloween isn't know for the color pink. But today, something caught her eye.

Something pink.

It was a small, grinning goblin, made of porcelain or plastic---she couldn't tell and didn't care. Its stiff, pudgy arms reached out, as if to grab a squealing child, and its grin brought to mind Jack-o-Lanterns---if Jack-o-Lanterns didn't have sawed-off square teeth.

All that mattered to Jennifer, however, was that it was pink.

She bought the goblin and took it home, settling it on the rocking chair in her room. Its eyeless eye sockets stared at her as she fell asleep. When her breathing became soft and her muscles relaxed in the calm paralysis of sleep, a light shone from inside the sockets of the goblin.

The light was pink.

The rocking chair started to rock. The rocking gained speed, and small pink tchotchkes beside the goblin tumbled off the seat. A pink light shone from them.

The increasingly loud crashing of objects and the bright light finally woke Jennifer. She tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes. She was mesmerized by the pink light, and didn't notice the towering figure of pink rising out from the space between the bed and the wall. It grabbed her, but her squeal was cut off as she and her assailant vanished in a vortex of pink.

In the ensuing silence, the goblin cackled.