's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"The Mirror on the Door"

Submitted by Infernalthing

I live in a peaceful neighborhood in a modest house with my wife and my two boys.
We never had fights in our family and never had problems to deal with.
Well, what bothered me was my bedroom door. It was old and wasn't in a good condition. The wood had cracks through which cold wind entered during the winter.
We decided to buy a new door. From the available doors to buy there was one that catched my attention.
It was a door with a big mirror and it looked fabulous. I felt the urge to buy that one.
When I asked the seller about the door's price he said:
-Are you sure you want that door? I don't know about you but I have a creepy feeling when I'm looking at it.
-To me it doesn't look creepy. It must be your imagination.
After I bough the new door things were pretty good. In every morning I arranged myself in the door's mirror.
All was good with it except that I started to fell uneasy in front of it.
When I looked at my reflection I felt like someone's watching me. Even when I was alone I had the same feeling.
I didn't told my family as thay seemed ok in front of that mirror.
I started to feel like my reflection was alive.
One day, when I was alone I inspected the mirror and then I had an idea.
I took a strand of hair from my head and comparred to it's reflection. It had the same lenght with it's reflection but what scared me was when I looked at my face.
For a second I saw my reflection winking at me with a mischievous grin! I told myself it was just my imagination and went to sleep.
In that morning, before waking up I heard my wife was already taking a shower.
Something was strange with the room! Everything was reversed! The door was on the left instead of right!
As I ran towards it I saw my dople smiling with an evil expression on his face.
I pounded the mirror but it had no effect. I was traped here and no one could saw me except that... monster!
I was forced to see what he was doing with my family...
It's horrible...It makes me sick!
I can't bear it! Please... please make me die...