's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"The Nothing Person"

Submitted by Brian J

Nobody Knew. When it first came, nobody knew. Its laughing at us. It doesn’t have a face, doesn’t have a

mouth, but I know its laughing at us. My chest hurts, like it’s about to explode. Why, why did this happen to us?

It was just a day ago this started, not even. I was in the right wing when everything started. First, there was an alarm, then all of the windows shut. Large metallic fields surrounded everything. You could not escape, as if there was anywhere to escape to.

We all heard shrieking. It was the type of cry for help you only hear from an animal, but it was human. He was the first victim. I saw his face before, I think he worked with shipping. But his face was all that was left from him. You could see his ribcage trying to surround itself against a translucent egg-shaped sphere now covering his torso. I asked Rocket what happened, I knew that he worked with shipping so he might have seen something. His face was white and sullied. He tried to say something, but just as his strained throat tried to pass off even a whisper, the egg popped. Blood and liquids from the victim’s body sprayed everywhere, as if it planned to do so. I must sound crazy, it couldn’t have been planned.

Me and my roommate Rocket got to are bunkers. We got in are bunkers, ready to leave. But no, we couldn’t leave. Nobody knew if anyone was contaminated. We were locked in the rooms instead. Outside, we could hear screaming. Somebody snapped. Me and Rocket peered out of the window. Due to the mirrors hue, we only saw yellow blobs of color rushing and yelling.

All the sounds stopped. The lights turned off, and doors automatically opened. I walked out of the room, Rocket was so scared stiffed that he couldn’t move.

My eyes were adjusting to the darkened corridors, but it was still very difficult to see. The large glass windows encapsulating the outer wall only showed the vast emptiness of the outside. I wasn’t thinking. The only light I saw after walking for a while came from the medical observery. I wasn’t thinking enough. The room was devoid of any person, but looked like a thousand people thrashed the room. All of the first aid kits were taken from the wall. I wasn’t thinking at all. That moment, it hit me. I saw nobody outside. The room was raided. That… thing must have attacked. There were claw marks on the wall. If only I thought for a second. A bottle of rubbing alcohol was spilled on the floor. The liquid was everywhere, but it wasn’t dried. And then I thought.

I ran out of the room. It was still in there. The loudest scream cried out in a raging tone, momentarily distracting me from moving. It came over to me. Its horrid face, its horrid blank face just stared at me. Bones protruded from its skin, and limbs were being absorbed within its body. Just as it opened its empty face to show thousands of jagged teeth, I finally had the thought to run. My body was no longer frozen from fear, but now sprinting away with the motivation of living. Ten long, thin, legs appeared from its body. Thinking quickly, I tried to shut the main door. Even though the power was out, all of the doors had a manual valve someone could use. My hands shaked as they turned the gear. It was rusted, and large, but I put all of my force into it. I lunged my body over the valve, pushing as hard as I could. The door was almost closed. I almost made it.

One of its legs jumped out of the space still open between the wall and the door. Gruesome, terrible, blades grew from the limb, and started scraping the wall trying to find me. One more push, one more good push and the door would be closed. I was almost dead, I felt as if death himself was over my shoulder waiting for me to be taken by him. I scream. My heart pounds against my chest, every second seems like a minute. The door shuts on the bladed limb. The force of the metallic door shatters the limb in half. I need to leave, I need to get out of here before it gets me.

I do not run. I briskly walk to my destination, my whole body too scared to do anything else. I turned my head to make sure that it hadn’t escaped from the medical wing. The leg moved. It was shattered in half, but it was moving. I ran. As I turn my head back every second or so, I see the leg progressively growing larger and larger. It was forming a new body. The once jagged blade returned to the upper torso, giving it a spine-like structure. As the newly formed host developed, it stopped walking for me. It went into my quarters. Rocket. I forgot about rocket. There was no time, I couldn’t have saved him. But I could have, I could have locked the door, or at least taken him with me. It doesn’t matter now though. Finally, I come to the main escape ship. In case anything happened to the ship, a person or two could get in one of these and leave. I turned my head just as I come into the room. It was right behind me. Rocket’s whole body was sewed onto that things head. His body was mutilated, red scars all around him. His, or its, mouth opened. He did move his mouth, but it was shrieking. The shrieking of rocket, I let him die. I let him alone. Why, why did I do that? Why? I rush into one of the escape ships. Adrenaline keeps me going. Just as the escape ship blasts off into the never-ending darkness that is the outside, it crawled on the ship. I know what I must do. I grab the controls. I never knew how to fly an escape ship, but it was simple enough for me to use. Just as I look into the radar, I see another ship. The screen of the radar was descelant, showing blue squares expanding onto what seemed like a black colored screen. Among the vast emptiness the screen portrayed, a red dot came along. I see where it is. That thing cannot live. It does not deserve life. I will not survive, I know that now, but I could not go on living knowing that it was still alive. I lunge the main control stick. My hands shaked as I activated the main thrusters. This was the end. If anybody can here this, I just want to say leave. Leave while you can. It cannot be reasoned. It cannot be bargained. It cannot be defeated. It doesn’t have a face, it isn’t human. Leave while you can, leave while yo-.

The tape ended.

“This is the last recording.” Says a scientist. “the ship didn’t have anybody inside of it, so we don’t know what else could have happened.” just as the scientist says this, a man larger than him wearing a black armored suit speaks.“ it doenst matter what we know, just fix the damaged wings of our base that rouge ship crashed into, and then put the ship into the research wing.”

It wasn’t dead