's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Tool Seekers"

Submitted by Vox Humana

I wasn’t there when Daddy and Caleb and Maddy went away. “Went away,” Mommy says, so maybe they can come back. She says she hates it when I say the word “die.”

But we don’t know how they were killed, or who did it to them. So we’re looking for something to help us figure it out! Whoever did it put the pieces of them in plastic bags. I don’t want to open the bags--it smells nasty when you open the bags--so I just pinch the red pulp around in the bag looking for a knife or some kind of bullet. But it makes a nasty noise, like a squishing and sometimes a snapping noise when you squeeze them. One time, I popped one and it made a bad mess.

Mommy emptied all of them into one pot when we were done looking through them. It doesn’t make sense to me, but she does lots of stuff that doesn’t make any sense now. She doesn’t even want to call policemen or 911, because she says people are out to get her. We went through all of the bags looking for something, but we couldn’t find the Anything Good. Mommy still looks through the big pot for Anything Good, and she doesn’t even wash her hands. She smells like the bags do. I can’t figure out who’s who in the big pot. It’s mostly just a purple mess. Well, except for the faces.