's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Infernalthing

Were you afraid looking under the bed when you were a kid?
Well I was. I was so scared of looking under the bed that I avoided at any cost.
I always imagined that some shadow hands could come out from spaces like under the bed. They emerge when it's dark, and you are alone, they grab your feet and drag you in.
You screams will be useless because nobody is there to hear you.
I said I WAS afraid of this but now I'm not.
Every grown man must overcome his childish fears, right? So I confronted mine.
I am not afraid of it anymore. I must admit I was terrified when I was confronting my fear.
I'm not afraid especially because after they dragged me in they made me one of them.
We together are now searching for new victims, we can smell easily the ones that have this phobia or know about us!