's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Keith Johnstone

2 is the only even prime number
They have always watched
Judging, assessing and evaluating
Their eyes clawing across my form
Piercing my mind like daggers
Skewering my countless flaws and imperfections
V = IR

An accident
No value and no purpose
Yet they still watch
Eyes full of shame and disgust
Trapped in my earthy cradle, no refuge from the eyes
ne= It/F

I twist into the dark corners of my prison
Stretching up to ignorant ears
Whispering beautiful truths
To make them understand through logic
PV = nRT

But none listen
Arrogant as they are
They press onwards uncaring
Always, always they are watching, probing and prying
My mind burns under their gaze
Cos2 + sin2 = 1

They will never leave, they were always there, they will always be watching
But their bodies are weak and soft
Blunt yellowed incisors tear through flesh
Bones crunch satisfyingly
Hot red ambrosia flows over cracked gums and taut grey skin
Sickly sweet miasma fills the air
The horrible, ever watching eyes glaze over
4px = y2
The walls of my tomb collapse around me
They can watch no longer