's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" A Familiar Face "

Submitted by Infernalthing

Don't remember how but I had an accident. At least that's what he told me. He blamed the injury for my memory loss.

Who is he? I don't know him but it looks like he helped me.

I woke up in one of his guest rooms. My face was covered in bandages.

He calmed me down and said I should rest. He explained that I suffered an accident and I was lucky that he was there because he's a doctor.

It looks like he saved my life.

I was supposed to wait in bed until he was preparing something but later I grew impatient and got up. The bandages prevented me to speak. It also hurts to move my mouth.

I left my room and tried to find the doctor. There were many doors in the hallway. I started to check each room.

The rooms were strange. I found a room where organs were contained in glass jars. Another with many tools and strange equipment. And there was one room with a bunch of mannequins stacked in one place.

And there was that damned room! When I opened the door I almost screamed in terror (my mouth hurts when it's moving). Fully dressed mannequins were standing in random poses.

Human faces were stitched on them. And there was a familiar face on the undressed one. It was MY face!

Suddenly, all the mannequins started to turn their heads towards me.

I froze in place, i could't run!

And then I heard a voice behind me:

"You shouldn't got out of bed."