's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" A Plastic Nightmare "

Submitted by Jerry Reynolds

December 1st, Entry one:
Note to those who read this log: I am a person with a severe fear of being outside. I can’t being outside at all, or else I go into a panic and break down. I’ve been like this for as long as I can recall. No idea why. The activity here started several days ago, just before Thanksgiving. I had just finished the dinner that was brought to me by an old friend of the family and decided to head to bed. It’s part of my nightly routine to check out the window for any illegally parked cars or hoodlums screwing up my driveway or anything of a suspicious sort. I’ve never SEEN illegally parked cars, the aforementioned hoodlums, or anything truly suspicious. At least, not until now. On that day, there was…a plastic, light-up Santa Claus. It was strange. I figured Josef, the family friend who brings me my food and essentials, must have put it up to bring a little of the “spirit of the holidays” to my house. He kept denying it when I asked him the next day. He never did take it down, though. I kind of grew to like it.

It is now a couple of days after Thanksgiving. The Santa is now joined by a small snowman. I will have to confront Josef about this in the morning.

December 2nd, Entry two:
Josef denied the decorations again. I don’t see why he would need to deny that he put them there, I mean it’s not like I’m going to take an ax to his head over Christmas decorations. I just want to know where the hell he’s going with this. Besides this, there has been nothing of note. It was a pretty normal day.

December 5th, Entry three:
I looked out the window today because I heard a sound outside. Lo and behold, there was a cheaply made cartoon-looking reindeer on my lawn, alongside the rest of the Christmassy lawn decorations. If this isn’t Josef, it has to be some neighborhood hoodlums. I have no idea what to do. Nothing, I guess. It’s not like they’re damaging property.

December 5th, Entry four:
Another one appeared today. A generic “Grinch”-type character. This is starting to irritate me. I don’t see how I’m not catching the ones responsible for putting décor on my lawn. I’m sure I’ll get them eventually. Until then, I’ll apologize to Josef and just go about my day.

December 11th, Entry five:
It has been a week without incident. It seems like things are calming down. Kind of funny how the Grinch seems to have killed the steady flow of Christmas that my lawn was receiving. I’m sure they had their fun.

December 13th, Entry six:
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. They came back in full force…what looks like a dozen more Christmas decorations have plagued my lawn. The ones that were there previously look like they’ve come closer. Either that or I’m hallucinating. Josef hasn’t stopped by for a couple of days, I assume it’s because he’s out of town. Hopefully he’s back tomorrow.

December 16th, Entry seven:
Josef stopped by. I told him about the decorations again. He was confused, saying that there was only an old Santa he found in an antique store that he thought I would like. HA! He did put them there! I knew it! But, why is he saying that there’s only a Santa? Didn’t he put the others up too? I’ll ask him in the morning.

December 17th, Entry eight:
He keeps telling me he only put up the Santa, and that there was no other decorations there. Nothing new happened today, otherwise.

December 20th, Entry nine:
Josef is gone. I saw him with my own eyes…I saw that damn plastic tree…I saw it reach out for him. Then he was gone. I don’t know what’s happening. I have to be dreaming. Yes, this has to be a dream. A horrible, horrible dream.

December 21st, Entry ten:
Josef didn’t come today. I don’t think yesterday was a dream. I see them move out of the corner of my eye, too. I see them blink. I see them…almost like they breathe…

December 22nd, Entry ten:
They’re moving. Closer. Always closer.

December 23rd, Entry 11:
He sees me when I’m sleeping…and I know that he knows when I’m awake…he’s in my window. I can feel him staring. The red bastard…I can almost hear him…whispering…laughing…

December 24th Entry 12:
Why are they in here? How did they get in the goddamn house? The door is locked. Always locked. How?

December 25th, Entry 13:
They’re outside my bedroom. I can’t get passed them. They seem t-