's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Beautiful House "

Submitted by Gronkling

Endless billowing walls of light pink fabric, highly decorated carpets stretching into the horizon, grandly knotted ribbons and bows blowing in the still, hot, crushing air. The walls wrapped together tightly like a maze, though they were like large curtains hung from some unseen ceiling so you could push past them with ease. I feverishly stumbled through this tripping over the stretches of white silk strewn around the walls and floors. It was hard to see because of the walls blowing and sticking onto my sweaty face.

Back at home things were much better. I painted on the concrete walls and I played with them. They flew through the space into my long hair. I just wanted to have a look. I didn't want to end up here.

After walking through another hanging lacy wall I was met with a large room, looking like an intricately decorated theatre hall. There was a stage hidden by large red curtains at the front, but there was not any chairs in the room. As soon as I was in the room, the invisible lights dimmed and spotlights shone brightly at the stage with a rosy light. I could not take my eyes away.

The curtains flew open. Flinging it's whip-like leaf arms into a dramatic pose, a large figure made from what looked almost like hay stood on the stage taking up the whole extent of my vision. As it posed, a loud celebratory fanfare sounded. The curtains closed again. The room was silent. Slowly pink silk slinked into the room and wrapped comfortably around my still frozen body. Around my still frozen face, suffocating.

I woke up back in the maze of curtains, and continued my stumbling. There are a lot of those sorts of rooms. There was one where a small, green, floating worm grandly presented a sock, a pen and then somehow itself. Another where a cartoon hand like that of a crude stick figure just waved a few times. Each time I was frozen and the pink silk is always there at the end.

Back at home I could be a wall if I wanted to, but here I had to worm twitch my skins to move. There wasn't a chance to transfer myself into a brick or a one of those crazy giant screws. I miss when I could remove my mind and become wrapped in metal tubes.

There were other rooms. There was once a giant cushion in the shape of a simple love-heart suspended by thousands of red and blue ribbon and lace. I was removed from there quickly. Another time there was a room filled with small grey things which all floated up quickly in unison before I was again, removed.

I wish I could go home. I wish this wasn't my home.