's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Black Hairs "

Submitted by Anonymous

A black hair on my towel. Black hairs on my comb. A black hair in the sink.

Long, black and curly. They were cute. I like black hair. It’s funny, blondes probably lose just as much hair over the day, but it doesn’t stick out so much. With dark haired people, you may get the unfair impression they’re shedding all over the place.
My hair was short, straight and blond, though, and I lived alone.

I found these all the time. Ever since I had moved in, I kept finding them all over the place. Sometimes even in my food.
They kept slowly accumulating whenever I went out, until I cleaned the place up so that the cycle could start again.

I caught myself opening the door to my apartment really, really quietly, trying to pick up even the tiniest noise inside while remaining undetected myself. On a few occasions, I thought I actually heard someone running around, as if hurrying to some hiding place. Maybe I should add that the only other way out of my flat was through the windows. I lived on the fifth floor, the concrete walls of our building were about as featureless as can be, and there were no other structures close by.

I kept thinking about the black hairs when I was out. All the time, in fact.

One day, when I realized that another attempt at sneaking into my flat had most likely resulted in one treacherous sound too many, I decided to drop the ninja routine.

I walked in with a puffed chest, and with a voice as hearty and steady as I could muster, I said into the general direction of the living room:

“Honey… I’m home!”

At first, there was what I thought of as “confused silence”.

Followed by something like this:

Really, really loud. For just the fraction of a second, it felt as if it was pulling on all my nerve endings, really making my brain bounce inside the cranium.

Followed in turn by what sounded like bashful giggles.

As I walked into the living room, the hairs on my neck and arms standing up like the needles of a porcupine, I found myself giggling as well.