's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Cameron Macfarlane

I found an egg today. Just lying on the ground, no nest, no mother in sight. Just lying there. When I picked it up, I felt its surface, unusually silky and soft. It almost appears to glow from the inside out, as if lit by some odd form of magic. Me, being the kind-hearted soul I am, have taken in it with me. I fashioned a little "nest" out of some old straw and a shoebox, laid the egg carefully inside its little makeshift home, then slid it under my bed for safekeeping.

I feel good.

So I opened the shoebox today.
...How do I put this into words?
It's...It's...It's gone. Not the shoebox.
Well, kinda.
I opened the lid and the inside had...
...disappeared, now replaced by an impossibly vast blue void, spanning out in all directions infinitely. It seems to whisper, a faintly low whisper it is, and I can't make out what it's saying. I don't like it...

I finally took it upon myself to bury that damned box today. Under the garage, where I won't be able to find it again. Good. Damn witchcraft, it must be.

I can sleep easy tonight.

The garage... The garage. It's gone. The door... Leads to blue. Everything blue! The empty blue, same as that demonic box, except the whispers have grown louder. Like wind, roaring and blowing, but I still can't make out what it's saying. I'm boarding it up. Might burn it. Who knows.

I have to dig it up. I can't let it torture me like this. Have to dig it up. But it's exhausting trying to dig it up... I even digging in the right direction???

The hole is blue. Blue, blue, everything blue. It's whispers grow louder, stronger with each passing day. I try to fill it up, but the dirt just falls into the impossible vastness of the blue.
Must get rid of it...

Blue! Blue in the windows. Blue out the door. It's boxed me in, prisoner. The howling, whispering words. Unbearable. Must escape. Won't let me escape. Help. The bedroom. Hide in the bedroom. Bedroom is safe...

Trapped bedroom . Trapped in the bedroom. Endless. Blueroom. Blue. It's endless. The whispers now shout. Shout horrid things. Can't stand it. HORRID things shouted. Torrents. Shut it out. Shut it OUT...

Blue. Torrents. Trapped. Can't escape. Can't leave. Shouts of threats. Torture.

Help. me