's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Brown Flesh and Green Flesh"

Submitted by Angela Shaver

Brown Flesh and Green Flesh

You cannot deny yourself the flesh. They will all know and they will judge you. Your face is crinkled up. Suddenly your neck twists. Greasy hair smothers your face. It is not your own. You struggle as you try to resist the urge. The garish purple hair recedes. The box containing slivers of masticated flesh is within reach. Brown flesh and green flesh. Hard flesh and soft flesh. This you know, but the slivers are white.


A gas floats away. It sweeps by the unsuspecting, aging them until they are rotten pulp. The clones make this gas. It makes their skin speckled and saggy. The clones are almost always found in packs. They are seemly motionless. They are yellow.

Not Aphids

What if aphids never existed? Gardeners would be so very happy. These wee pests suck the precious fluids from plants. They are guarded by ants that sip from the droplets that form on the aphid’s little green buttocks. Thus aphids can form clumps of gluttonous bloated bodies. Imagine if ants tended to similar creatures instead. Swarms of ever hungry raison-like animals with hooked legs would be overtaking their pathetic squishy prey with the help of ants with paralyzing venom. The ants would sting until the person was incapacitated. And they would sting some more to keep them “in-line”. The wee swelling bodies multiplying until the person was no more. The ants would leisurely sip the droplets and chew up the dried blood.