's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Candy Hell Song"

Submitted by Axle the Beast

Yummy sweets, delicious treats,
Sugar brings joy whenever we eat!
Time to gorge, don't hold back,
Better eat it quick or it might attack!

Sometimes they come, lost then found,
Scared folk from above the ground!

Finding sweets, sneaking sweets,
Down in this town, can't be discreet!
Always caught, they always run,
Best that way; the chase is so fun!

Squishy and red, no way to be,
Off to the kitchen with a recipe!

Making treats, sugar treats,
Flesh to sugar 'til the heart don't beat!
Melt them down, flesh, bone, blood,
With sugar and spice it'll make a great big flood!


Making treats, our candy sweets,
And, sometimes, even BEING treats!
Eating treats, our candy sweets,
Round and round, it all repeats!