's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" City Folk "

Submitted by Kiara Maher

I cannot... I cannot understand where they went. Where did they go? Why did they come back so wrong?

An entire city and every man, woman and child within. Gone for ten years. No one understood how or why. Everyone was trying to find an answer.

When they came back, they were different. Different from us. Different from... anything. Whatever what was done to the city in that ten years had... reversed it.

Roads were sun-cracked callouses between the towers of meat and membranes. Metal people with eyes of glass wandered the street. It seems they could not speak, hear, or see. Only walk.

The military perimeter was not prepared for the sudden reappearance. There are many, many contending claims as to who was responsible for the aircraft, but the fact remains that in a matter of days, only black cinders and strange bones remained.

They say that the cars and casionos and concert halls all shrieked and bellowed and writhed as they burned.

The people survived. They were twisted and warped by the fire. But they survived.

They are coming now across the desert soil, limping in silence in the hot, hot sun. We are to stay inside our homes. They will be here very, very soon.

If this is goodbye for us, then so be it. Goodbye.

But if this is hello, then God help us all.