's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Corrupted "

Submitted by Liam Frain

Itís not that hard to assume that my occupation is an easy one.

Actually, itís really not that hard.

I just wait for some simple-minded human to come by, read the book, say the chant, and think they can handle such a complex task of letting meÖ.borrowÖ.their body for a bit. That sounds simple, but my problem is just the clients. Nobody has really been able to handle me. Their body starts to snap and twitch, oozing out my pitch-black essence from each orifice. Instead of absorbing me, I absorb them. I donít think anyone could possibly take it all in. Iím never allowed to blend in with these weird creatures. I never get to stretch my tendrils into them. They are weak. They are small. They die easily.

Iíve been around for years, watching these humans come and go, thinking they can cheat fate, live longer, become immortal. But, alas, they cannot successfully grasp such an idea, even the most intelligent of the lot. To be honest, Iím not even immortal. I know Iíll die one day, year, decade, or century. When I do, I know another pile of bile will secrete from Motherís eggs and take over for me. Just like the humans.

Why we are sent to observe other-dimensional beings and take over their world is a question I want to know the answer for. I can assume itís so we can outlive other creatures, but isnít being 15,096,546 years old enough? And even with other entities not being able to absorb us, we could still outlive them all. I donít understand why we have to take over their bodies to take over their race. Weíre larger than them, and can take in anything they throw at us. Confusing is a good word to describe it all.

Now that I kind of like you, human, I have a warning for you.

I suggest you ignore what noises your pets are making outside tonight. I donít want you to turn into another part of me.