's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Digest "

Submitted by Joshua Murray

It's quiet.

Very, very quiet.
I don't know how long I've been in here.
But I've been here a while.
It's starting to take place now.
The peeling.
The peeling is a terrible thing.
And I feel sick just thinking about it.
Talking about sick, I hope I get to be near some very soon.
It's one of the only ways to get out.
You may have already guessed why it's quiet.
If not, I will continue.
Until the peeling starts, that is.
Anyway, I'm not the only one here.
There's this tall, white fellow.
His head is wierd shaped.
No offense, tall person.
He sometimes comes into this place.
I'm not sure of his name.
I'm not even sure if he has one.
There's this other person, too.
He's all around me and the tall fellow.

It's so quiet in here.

The peeling is starting.
My feet feel numb.
They don't feel numb.
They already went away.
Now my legs are starting to strip away
from the ankles what's left of them) upwards.
I can see the red flesh.
Hissing and bubbling.
Now it's white.
That's a bone.

I will be gone soon.
Thoroughly peeled.
And I'll be glad to go.
after all,
being in a persons stomach wasn't very nice.