's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Doors "

Submitted by Jack Western

I opened a door made of wood and arrived in a white room. It was empty, except for a bald man in a grey suit sitting on a couch. He was lighting matches and then throwing them on the ground. There was three doors in it: one red, one yellow, one blue.

I opened the red door. Behind the red door was a red room filled with mannequins. Inside was also a woman. To be exact, an enormous, stout woman in a frilly pink dress with large green seven eyes that bulge out. She opened her wide, toothless mouth, parting her thin, blue lips. The inside of the mouth was yellowy-green, with six long black tentacles instead of a single tongue. She then bit the head off one of the mannequins. I closed the door.

I opened the yellow door. Behind it was a yellow room with a long table in it that had bowls on it. These bowls were filled with yellow worms in a brownish-yellow liquid. At the table were a dozen pale, skinny boys in dirty, grey clothes of the Victorian era. They were eating from the bowls. I closed the door.

I opened the blue door. Inside was a blue room filled with faceless bobbies. A man in a purple suit with the head of a white rabbit stood in the middle of the room. He was stabbing one of the bobbies with a long, steel rapier in the head, yet that seemed to not effect the figure, who didn't notice it at all. I closed the door.

I turned around. Instead of the match throwing man or couch, there was two men to the left of me who looked like Spanish conquistadors with green clothes talking about Mesopotamia in Russian to a faceless grey humanoid in a black robe, who agreed with them in Japanese.

I made an attempt to leave through the way I came, but one of the men noticed my presence and took out his sword. He then moved toward me, blade facing straight at my back. I heard his approach and was able to avoid the sharp weapon. It stabbed into the wood. Then the other one came at me as the first attacker tried to pull out the blade from the door. He came down slashing at my chest. I dodged to the right, causing the other one to bring his sword upon the wrist, cutting through skin and muscles.

The man screamed as blue blood came from his wound. I quickly open the door, running out into a street, and then heard the engine of an oncoming car . What happened next is fairly obvious.

Right now Iím in a hospital in France. Iím coming back home in two days. Still, it makes me wonder what the hell I saw. everyone is confused how somebody who was in America could suddenly be in France. It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. However, I do know that this is a strange world.