's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by BUTTT BUTTT

wake up.
wake up.

it happened again.
i woke up, lying in bed facing the wall in the semi dark of my shitty inner city apartment. i can feel it staring at me.
its there. waiting for me to roll over and look it in the eyes.
its happened so many times ive lost count.
wake up.
i cant. if i dont look, it wont grin that fucking grin.
that FUCKING grin.
i know its just a dream. it has to be. this sort of thing cant happen in real life. is this real life? how can i be sure? its happened so many times.
i can roll over...i can look.
wake up.
its there. its right there. right where it always is. sitting cross legged on the floor, leaning forward. its twisted features just inches away. i cant blink. if i blink itll grin. if i try to roll over again, itll grin. if i do anyhting other than stare itll grin that fucking grin with a mouthful of teeth like broken razors and crooked needles.
it laughs.
its never done that before.
it laughs without even moving its face.
it sounds like a death rattle but infused with a sadistic malice that stings my ears. its in my head. its scraping its filth crusted claws along my necrotic psyche lancing the infections and drinking the spiritual pus. i understand now. it eats fear.
it stands up. its never done that before. its never moved. how can this thing be alive? is it alive?
this is just a dream. its dessicated lips curl back and back and back revealing a mouth more like a rotting wound than a smile. it lunges.
i wake up.

my eyes shoot open. im lying in bed facing the wall. i can feel it staring at me.
wake up.